The Unnoticed Gift

boy touching black and white string light
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The Unnoticed Gift

Crackers crack and streamers stream
With gingerbread and clotted cream,
And dancing fairy lights a-glow
Between the carols and the snow
There’s something this year diff’rent, though…

Look, I don’t mean to scare you,
It isn’t something that’s gonna hurt –
I just thought I ought to prepare you,
To keep your eyes and wits alert.
Because you’re growing up, you see –
It can’t be helped, it has to be.

Yeah yeah, it’s all that mushy stuff,
That touchy-feely slushy stuff,
That boring stuff like peace and love –
I guess you’ll find out soon enough.

There comes a time as you grow older
And the snow turns into sleet,
When sprouts have grown a little colder,
And the needles prick your feet –
It isn’t much, just little things
As you become aware, I guess,
Of all the cold the Winter brings,
When tinsel shines a little less.

Don’t worry, there’s still lots of fun –
And presents – when all’s said and done.
I guarantee you’ll have a ball –
I mean, it’s Christmas, after all !
And all that carey-sharey stuff,
Comes nat’rally – it’s not so tough
When you are growing big and tall –
I guess you’ll find out, soon enough.

I wrote this several years ago, so when I say “There’s something this year diff’rent, though…” this isn’t meant as a reference to the bizarre upending that is 2020.

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