How To Get Back Home From Outer Space #M – (expedition)

Friday by Michael Whelan

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Are you still with me, friend ?
Are you still on the course of my footprints ?
Following my lead and signs and hints,
And wond’ring where will all this end ?

Well, as I’m sure you’re well aware,
We’ve reached the last page of the book.
I’m quite surprised how long it took,
But here we are, if you still care.

I really thought we’d be home by now,
But hey, it’s a long long way, our road,
And I guess our weary feet have slowed,
But the views were pretty anyhow.

Time for a breather, I think –
I found a bar not far from here,
To rest our boots and stow our gear
And maybe try the local drink.

I wish we could leave it there –
A slow fade as we mop our brows,
And close the book to lightly drowse
In the heart of who-knows-where…

But when you wake, you’ll lack this tome –
Alien hands are paid to impound it,
To send it back to where you found it –
It’s time for you both to go back home.

And as for me, I’m not yet done –
I’ve still got trekking left in me,
If I’m to make it back for tea –
So come along and share the fun.

Let’s take a stroll, a mile or so,
On up the valley, round the bend –
It’s time. And after all, my friend,
Just where else have we got to go…?

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