How To Get Back Home From Outer Space #M – (expedition)

Friday by Michael Whelan

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Are you still following, my friend ?
Or am I writing pages that you’ll never even read ?
If you are still there, then it’s pretty guaranteed
That you’ve noticed that we’re almost at the end.
For this is the last page of my book –
“But how can it end here, before we’re homeward bound ?”
Well, do not sweat, my friend, for I’ve another tome I’ve found,
So it’s less a final chapter, more a hook.
You might be getting weary, feeling down –
But dude, I swear I’ve plenty more to tell you – don’t give in !
You trusted in my guide this long, for all its help within,
Now trust me one last time, and head for town.
Here’s a map to show you what I’ve planned:
So look out for a pub with an anti-matter sign,
Go in, and tell the barman that you are a friend of mine,
And let him take this journal from your hand.
He will exchange it for a single page,
Then see to it this notebook gets returned where it began,
To help the next poor traveller to follow, if they can.
And you yourself must start your second stage.
So stick it out – I mean, you’re still alive !
Just follow the directions up the valley to the second book
I know it’s cloak-and-dagger, but the view is really worth a look,
And all will be explained when you arrive.

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