You Know What I Mean ?

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You Know What I Mean ?

The trouble with pop songs is how they say so little,
Popping with so few words –
They open a question they barely can answer,
With most of their meaning inferred.

And choruses, of course,
Just underscore –
They only reinforce
What’s gone before.

It’s not like they’re frightened to tackle the big themes,
They’re sometimes incredibly plucky.
It’s not that they’re vapid, it’s just that they’re brief –
With two verses, three if we’re lucky.

And choruses repeat,
That’s what they do –
The feelings are complete,
And they are few.

Now hip-hop has plenty to say for itself,
But pop is a hit-and run lover.
A beautiful thought or a rallying cry,
And time’s up !, it plays us another.

And choruses declare
The point is made.
They’ve nothing more to share –
Repeat to fade.

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