God save the Queen (but the Devil take the Plebs)

Google in sackcloth and ashes – Me Too or FOMO ?

God save the Queen (but the Devil take the Plebs)

And so it begins, the Toady Race,
The public performance of grief –
Saccharine and suffocating,
Preaching your True Belief !
Posters declaiming official tears,
Tributes gushing with pomp.
Change the stamps and coins and anthem –
Such a jolly romp !
Get that sobbing good and loud,
And really have a bawl !
Hope your knees are in good shape
For the curtsy and the crawl.
Show yourself sufficiently sad
For ev’ry arse-licked toast –
Bow and scrape and bob and tug
Till the knighthood’s in the post.

Vive la République !

In other news, I see we’re going to get a bank holiday for the funeral. But we will continue not to receive a bank holiday for Election Day. Priorities, I guess…


4 thoughts on “God save the Queen (but the Devil take the Plebs)

  1. I always enjoy seeing your posts come across my feed because it means I get the pleasure of reading your work. And it is a pleasure.
    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thanks. This one was really about easing my frustration ! I think there will be many revelations over the coming months of her backstage meddling in politics.
      Time to grow up as a nation and stop appointing heads of state based solely on their having popped out of the right vagina.

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      1. Well, you’ll have plenty to write about..
        If it helps at all, electing your own officials doesn’t seem to stem the flow of ridiculous BS any.


      2. True, but at least that’s on us. And to anyone who says “would you really want to have President Boris ?” I answer “no, but would YOU really want King Andrew ?” And at least President Boris could always be booted-out again.


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