Roundabout Roundel

Photo by Volker Thimm on

Roundabout Roundel

Ev’ryone clockwise, round and about –
By habit we orbit, by gravity bound,
As we veer to the left and we slowly drift out –
Ev’ryone clockwise round.

Flow with the currents and circle the mound –
Which is home to whatever can reach it and sprout,
With its jetsoms of hubcaps, since long run aground.
The rest – in the tarmac they’ve drowned.

These rivers of traffic are never in drought,
All whirled to the edge till an exit is found,
Where others flow-in and forever, no doubt –
Ev’ryone clockwise round.

My attempt at a roundel – but I felt there was a line missing in the second verse so I revolutionised it.

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