Music for Overthinkers

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Music for Overthinkers

Shoegazing wallflowers,
Hairy spotty kids –
Mopey little herberts,
Or chirpy katydids.
We were far too cool to dance,
And far too lefty-footed,
Musoes looking for a cause
With ranks in which to put it.
But over time, we finally admit
That half of it was crap,
And pack it up in boxes in the attic,
Never looking back.
And maybe even grudgingly confess
That pop is not that bad,
And songs that make us happy
Are more fun than songs that make us sad.
Until…a chance half-hearing
From a car or through a door,
Brings us beautif’ly-scored misery
In loping seven-four.
Suddenly-remembered lyrics
Catch in our quivering throat –
And we’re back in adolescent gloom,
Reloving ev’ry note.

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