Sing a Song of Sixty

Lyrebirds by John Gould

Sing a Song of Sixty

Liar liar lyrebird, imitating ev’rything:
Ev’ry chord and ev’ry word – nothing roared and nothing slurred.
Never tire, lyrebird – add another to your role –
Ev’ry song you ever sang, you stole.

Liar liar lyrebird, add another to your role:
Ev’ry chord and ev’ry word – none ignored and none preferred.
Never tire, lyrebird, imitating ev’rything –
Ev’ry sound you ever heard, you sing.

Hymn of Mimicry

Mockingbirds mock,
And the mocking-hens flock –
But how do they know
It’s a mocking-cock’s show ?

Two for one – the second poem is from a former verse of the first which never really fitted, and then the first one was substantially altered and out if had to go.

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