Déjà Vu & You

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Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

Déjà Vu & You

Oh, hello Miss, I think I might know you…
But no, I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s so…
And yet, I’m sure…I feel like I do…
But, please, forgive me,
It’s just you remind me of someone…
Of someone…
But please, bear with me,
I may seem undone, but that is because
My memory’s iffy, it ain’t what it was.

Oh, by the way, my name is Derek,
Just so you know.
I say, can I buy you a drink ?
This place is so atmospheric,
Let’s not up-and-go.
Though strange, why haven’t I been here before ?
And yet, that smile from the man on the door…
And his friendly wink…
But never mind that, I’m being a bore !
I say, this bar is atmospheric !
A cut above the old generic
Oh, by the way, my name is Derek
We haven’t met, I think…

Ah, here’s a waiter – can I buy you a tipple ?
No, I insist, so let’s make it a triple.
But wait, he has a bottle to hand…
Is that for us ?  I don’t understand..?
Why yes, that is my favourite wine,
But how did you know..?  The lady, you say ?
Why, thank you, Miss !  The pleasure is mine,
Though how did you guess that I’m chardonnay ?
Well, cheers, I’ll get to know you yet !
Derek’s the name, I don’t think we’ve met…

And you are..?  Ruth ?
Oh, that’s so pretty !
To tell the truth, I’ve always loved that name.
Back in my youth, back in the city,
I used to date this gorgeous dame –
She was a Ruth,
A Ruth like you, as it were.
And cute to boot, the kind I prefer…
And smart, by streuth !, with eyes aflame…
I wonder what became of her..?

Another glass ?  Oh, let me pour.
I know I must be such a bore
But talking to you feels so sure…
But there I go again…
You listen to me so attentive,
Lord alone knows your incentive…
Please, just hush this old gent if he gets to be a pain.
Why, thank you, that was kind to say,
But no, my droning is unwise –
You hide it well, yet still display,
A certain sadness round your eyes…
Well hey, this tastes like chardonnay !
Well, that’s a nice surprise !

I’m Derek, by the way, we haven’t met,
And more’s the pity !
If I may say, a face like yours is not one to forget !
Forgive me, miss, but may I ask your name ?
Oh, that’s so pretty !
And easy to remember, as my good wife shares your claim !
And just like you, she’s smart and kind and witty,
With eyes a little sad – and yours the same…
But there I go again, I bet, just droning on all day…
I don’t believe we’ve ever met.  I’m Derek, by the way.

This was inspired by a short story called Saturday will be a Little Late this Week by Derek Edwards, a friend I used to attend the same writing workshop as.  Hence the Derek in the poem, though it’s not supposed to be him.  I should mention that the narrator is speaking to the same woman throughout.

Can I just say that I hate myself for including the accents on ‘deja’.  I mean, they look great as decoration, but the phrase is English now and we only use accents as furniture, or an excuse to sneer at those who leave them off.  But they do look pretty…

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