The High Cost of Belief

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The High Cost of Belief

You say that faith has got too commercial –
I say it always was.
From the Witch-Doctors’ chant dispersal,
Through the Druids’ winter reversal,
To the Oracles’ future rehearsal –
It came not for free, that sacred buzz.
Even Jesus on his mission,
Hosted at his fans’ volition,
Over suppers told his vision,
The way a schnorrer does.

You say that faith has lost its key sense –
I say it’s never there.
You long to reclaim that old-time credence
From the modern world’s grim impedance,
Yet you forget your Pagan antecedence –
Ev’ry ritual’s heathen forebear.
All belief has complex prices –
Prayers are bought with sacrifices.
To the faithful, my advice is –
Pilgrim, buyer beware.

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