The Devil May Care

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The Devil May Care

The old man lay in bed and watched
His body eaten to decay.
How strong he’d been in his old day,
How weak he was today, how scotched.
How great his all-too-mortal fear,
How much he’d give for one more year –
He’d even sell his soul to get
To keep it in his body yet –
For even thought the end was near,
He longed to ante-up for one last bet.

“Indeed ?” a voice replied at large
In answer to his silent thought.
“Perhaps the bargain you have sought
Can be arranged, and free of charge.
Yet not a miracle, alas,
But biologic working-class –
To give your soul an unfair bite,
I bring a little hope tonight –
For while it’s true all thing must pass,
It passes slower for those souls who fight !”

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