High C

High C

Hey Jude, have you heard,
There was once a piano
That achieved far more than you and I shall ever.
It’s a little bit funny, if that’s the word,
How much this piano
Made more people smile than most of us together.

Sure, it’s all just circumstance,
Such a perfect day,
Such a god-awful small affair.
We’ve fallen for the neat romance
Just because it’s true,
But ought we disbelieve it, if we dare ?

With a hub-cap diamond-star halo,
And with dynamite with a laser beam,
And how can we ever compete with such a daydream ?
Let it go.
But if living is without you
Then you think the song’s about
But the thing is, this isn’t our show.

We’re committing the crime of the century, otherwise,
Holding-up standards that we can never realise,
What reasons do we need to be told ?
So cheer up, dude.
It’s just a piano that rocked and rolled –
Don’t make it bad, hey, Jude.

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