Prog Log

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Prog Log

Pick a part that plays: obey it.
Snatch a patch ablaze, and spray it.
Rack it up with praise, and pray it.
Pump it full of haze, and grey it.
Graze it and weigh it.
And raise it and pay it.
In a thousand little ways – array it.
Amaze it and sway it,
Abrase it and fray it,
But however we lay it, let’s lay it down dense.

There’s nothing here of consequence,
Or making sense – and do we care ?
That show’s so-over, over there –
It’s more than incongruity can bear.
Those bare-faced bears’ credulity
Is worth just one and two and twenty pence.
We’re seeking for a mark to steer,
The dark to clear –
But hark !  Is that a Mellotron I hear ?
Waiting for our gaze to slay it,
Searching for the phrase to say it,
Just pick a part that plays,
And play it.
Man, that’s so intense…

A piece of sheer nonsense, just for the sake of the sound of the words.  I make no apologies.

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