One Spot, Two Spot

ladybird on finger
Early Ladybird by Gavin Clack

One Spot, Two Spot

Ladybird, ah Madame Ladybird,
It really is so good of you to call !
Is this just a flying visit,
Won’t you rest and pack your wings up small ?

Ladybird, ah Madam Ladybird,
Have you flown by chance a good long way ?
Looking for a husband, Miss ?
Or are you wed with many eggs to lay ?

Ladybird, ah Madam Ladybird,
I see now that your wing-case is ajar –
Must you up and go a-hunting ?
Won’t you stay a while ?  You’ve flown so far.

Ladybird, ah Madam Ladybird,
Must you dash so soon to beat the rain ?
Shall I greet you on the morrow,
Or are we to never meet again ?

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