Sonnet for the Goats

selective focus photography of white goat
Photo by Djordje Petrovic on

Sonnet for the Goats

Upon the rapture, all believers fly
In rising waves of bodies Heaven-bound,
Abandoning their carnal life on ground
As pious aeronauts come fill the sky –
And leave behind our world of how and why
Which seeks to question that which is profound,
While churches fill too late, and prayer resound
With desp’rate, plaintive pleas, to no reply.
“Oh Lord, we wanted to believe.  No use !
We tried so hard, why must we stay behind
With only hell or void beyond the scythe ?”
But God is done with us, and cut us loose
To face the here and now.  Be not resigned:
Let’s brave the future, godless but alive.

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