Adders & Ladders

snake & ladder
Snake and Ladder by Cedric Sam

Adders & Ladders

Vivaporous vipers give me the vapours,
But I shall envelop these slitted-eyed scrapers.
Rapture enripens their serpentine stare:
J’adore l’addeur !  Vive la vipère !

I’ll stick to the cutest constrictors for starters,
I’ll string along threadsnakes, slink upto the garters,
I’ll scale up the ladderbacks, slide down the smooths –
I’ll dice with their snake-eyes, I’ll slalom their grooves.

Vivaporous vipers are venomous vermin,
Yet I shall unfasten and welcome the worm in.
I’ll love ev’ry squeezer and cherish each fanger –
Ich liebe die Kreuzotter !  Heil die Schlange !

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