iDeath by Michal Ožibko


If God is all-knowing,
That means he must know
Of all that there ever was,
All that there ever is:
How the quarks come
And the particles go –
Ev’rything, ev’rywhere,
All truth is his.

The past and the present
Are known by the Knower
In all their minutia,
Quintessence and trait.
But still there is somewhere
Where knowledge is slower:
It drips out in trickles,
And God must just wait.

Almighty all-knowing
Is shrouded in mist
When scrying for knowledge
Where no god can go:
For all of the Future,
Has yet to exist –
It cannot be known
When there’s nothing to know.

More knowedge is locked up
That knowedge he knows,
He’s learned but a fraction
Of all there can be.
He knows that it’s out there,
And waits till it shows
As slowly – so slowly !
It works itself free.

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