Unsolitary Confinement

close up photo ofg light bulb
Photo by Rahul on Pexels.com

Unsolitary Confinement

Irridescent, luminescent,
Altogether too incessant,
Incandescent, phosphorescent –
Got the light bulb blues.

Light creating, radiating,
Back-of-eyeball irritating,
Unabating, darkness hating –
Glaring on my dues.

Just leave me in the gloom, I pray,
Don’t flood my cell as bright as day
I’m not some freak or cabaret,
Stop watching me, you screws !

Killer of all sleep and resting,
Particle and wave infesting
With your retina-molesting –
Photons spread the news.

Even when my eyes are hidden,
Locked away behind each lid,
Then still you seep on through, unbidden –
Chasing out my snooze.

Lumination aggravation,
Pleading for some abrogation –
No cessation, no salvation –
Won’t you ever fuse ?

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