Wiggle Wiggle


Wiggle Wiggle

Some worms are roundworms and some worms are flat,
Some worms are skinny and some worms are fat,
Some worms are stripy and some worms are brown,
Some dress in velvet and some sport a crown,
Some feed on slurry and some feed on nuts,
Some live in gardens and some live in guts.

Some worms are serpents and some worms are bugs,
Some worms are dragons and some worms are slugs,
Some worms are speedy and some worms are slow,
Some worms are eyeless and some worms can glow.
Some on the surface and some underground,
Some worms are flatworms and some worms are round.

2 thoughts on “Wiggle Wiggle

  1. How are you able to write a new poem every day? Amazing self-discipline. I like this one very much – worms deserve our praise and attention and lyrical waxing, as do spiders. Can I also request a slug poem – which are the mucus of Satan, but probably serve some weird purpose and do have the largest genitals relative to their size – that’s surely worth an ode.


  2. Thank you for your kind words. Alas, I don’t write these one day and upload them the next, but rather what you are seeing is twenty years of backlog – well, fifteen years really since most of my early efforts were pretty ropey.
    But as for a slug poem, well…Mr Block is always lurking, so the next time I’m feeling less than inspired, perhaps I should pay a visit to Wikipedia and ‘paraphrase in verse’. It wouldn’t be the first time…


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