A point is all that you can score

Clash of the Titans by Lukas Panzarin

A point is all that you can score

These days, too many folks I know
At odds with the government,
Are praying for a time of woe
To piss into their tent.

Alas, folks like you, my friend,
So smug and all a-twitter –
Tribal to the bitter end,
And boy, are both sides bitter.

You long for power grids to fail,
For supermarket shelves to clear –
How joyfully you scoff and wail
That Armageddon’s here.

You cheer on the elderly to die
To make the balance tip,
And never stop to question why
You need such brinkmanship.

When did you become such arseholes ?
When did you become such bores ?
If we’re descending into farce,
Then the fault is equally yours.

Look, I don’t like the Government either,
But there they are, by public vote.
And someone has to break this fever,
While the others point and gloat.

If times get hard, as you prophesise,
Will you come down to help us through ?
Can you still be a friend who tries
To douse the flames and build anew ?

And I’m sorry I called you an arsehole –
We neither side is right or wrong.
So can we keep our self control,
And compromise to get along ?

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