The Modern Way

The Modern Way

Hey, I hear you’re godless –
And your universe is empty,
And this life that you are living
Is your only shot at plenty,
And your death will be your ending,
And your birth was just a chance,
And your soul is just your neurons,
And your story is a minor space romance.
But are you happy ?
Or is your logic just a bluff ?
When you’re only made from dust,
Is this lonely world enough ?

Hey, I hear you’re godless –
But you say the Heavens wallow
In a myriad of wonders,
With a thousand more tomorrow –
And although our death is scary,
So much more-so is the chance
Of our ever even being,
To be living in this epic space romance.
I guess you’re happy,
It seems you’ve really found your style –
Hey, I hear you’re godless,
But it’s great to see you smile.

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