Pencil on a String


Pencil on a String

            (dedicated to all those who do apathy properly)

There’s some who say voting is pointless
But who always register on the rolls
And proudly walk to the place of polls
To add their protest to the tolls.
They take their voting paper
And refuse to make their mark,
(On principal – it’s not some caper or lark)
Then post their unblemished slip in the box
To highlight the lack of a Goldilocks,
Considering the election invalid –
An empty ballot cast for an empty ballot,
With candidates all just the same –
And whoever gets in, well, they’re not to blame.
And if what they say is silence,
Then still, it has to be said
At least they got off of their arses and got out of bed.
They think our nation’s fate, with dread,
Is in the hands of oiks and youths –
And like those pencils in the booths,
Is hanging by a thread.

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