Have you ever looked up at all those stars –
Looked up at them all
And felt so small ?
No, nor have I.

Some say it makes them terrified,
That endless sky.
But why ?
I couldn’t fear it if I tried.

I mean, I’ve always known
I’m insignificant
To ev’ry passing tree and ant.
So what ?
I happy with my lot.

I guess there’s some who think
“Oh wow !  All this for me ?
I am the lord of all I see !
But then again
I always knew –
The universe exists
I do !”

But most of us look up and think:
“Oh wow, the sky is beautiful tonight –
But so are you,
And so am I,
And so is ev’rything in sight !”

And if we should look up and feel
A little less –
No need to stress,
No need to pray.
Just tell ourselves we’re just as real,
And just as dear –
And sure, those stars are very far away,
But we’re right here !

We never can quite get our heads around
How distant they all are –
Yet maybe we can get a little closer
When we get away so far –
Beyond the streetlit towns,
Beyond the constant headlit cars,
To where the sky is bigger,
So much bigger –
So much so, it jars.

I guess we need a bit of both:
A bit of awe, a bit of boast,
To really make the most
Of all those stars.

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