Hannah Without the Haitches

Turquoise Beads by Arsen Kurbanov

Hannah Without the Haitches

Anna with an accent,
A European accent –
So she could be from anywhere…
(Well, anywhere but France.)

I’m no good guessing accents
Much beyond ‘North of the Trent’ –
Though ‘Eastern European’,
That must put me in with half a chance.

(In France she would be Anne, see,
With an ‘e’, is what I meant.)
But Anna’s international,
And how those borders love to dance…

But hang on…wait…she’s Ana,
One ‘n’ Ana !  Oh, that’s different !
There’s less and fewer Anas
And so suddenly my odds advance.

Except…there’s Spain…and Portugal…
The Balkans…half the continent !
And yet, I just can’t make those fit,
And I dismiss them at a glance.

Perhaps she’s Anastasia…
She must be Greek or Russian sent !
And Greek ?  I just don’t think she’s Greek –
There’s something Slavic in her stance…

So Russian.  Nazdarovya !
Though by way of cockney Kent,
Where London adds its subtle spice
Into her journeyman’s romance.

In truth, I only know she’s Ana
Maybe Moscow, maybe Ghent.
One day I might just ask her where,
But not today – why break the trance ?

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