There Is No Canon

icra iflas piled book
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There Is No Canon

Like me cos you like me,
Not because they told you what to,
Not because they told you not to,
Not because you think you’ve got to,
Like me just because you do.

Love me shrug me spike me,
However much they say you must,
Your own desire, I’m sure you’ve sussed,
Is all the taste that you can trust –
The others haven’t got a clue !

The world is laid before you –
There’s plenty who will tell what’s great,
And who to love and who to hate,
But never can themselves create –
But hey, we needn’t mind them.

So snub me if I bore you,
Don’t waste your time or waste your thoughts
On fluff and fads and p’raps-I-oughts,
But seek out diamonds from the quartz,
Wherever you may find them.

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