“Tell me more of this Earth thing called kissing”


“Tell me more of this Earth thing called kissing”

The trouble with your aliens
Is in their heads and mouths and eyes –
It’s that they even have these things
On Barnard’s Star and Saturn’s rings.
‘Convergent evolution’ can’t explain
Your humans in disguise –
It takes much more to say ‘out there’
Than silver skin and purple hair.|

Just look at what we have on Earth –
Octopuses, jellyfishes –
These look far more alien
Than a pointy-eared mammalian.
But we buy into your blatant lies
(In part against our better-wishes),
As the only show in town,
To get our fix of upside-down.

I know, I know, you still need human actors
Who can play them –
And we, the audience, must read
Emotions in each xeno-breed.
But honestly, such life should be
As branches from a foreign stem –
So vastly diff’rent body-planned,
So freshly-weird and oddly-grand.

So think beyond the tooth and arm,
The exo-shell and tentacle !
The trap your aliens befall –
They just ain’t alien at all.
For why would humans stride the stars
If space is all identical ?
Let’s have some art and CGI
That let imaginations fly !

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