(Dedicated to Petra, Ozymandias & The New Colossus)

The Rose-Red City’s Lone and Level Sands
Beside the Teeming Shore are fourteen strong –
But that is not enough, when eager hands
Have written their twelve-liners just too long.
For status-conflict-outcome, that’s the key
To stop our sonnets going to the dogs –
But where is there a volta in these three ?
They’re nothing more than pretty travelogues !
Well, Shelley never cared for rules or class,
And who the hell is Burgon, anyway ?
But as for Emma Lazarus – alas,
Her tempest-tost are never led astray !
…But then…why must they pivot, ev’ry one…?
Let’s have some change…!  You see, that’s how it’s done !

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