Transatlantic Cable 7 – The Businessmen

men of progress
Men of Progress by Chriatian Schussele

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Transatlantic Cable 7 – The Businessmen

For all your sparks and all your dreams,
And tinkering in sheds,
Without our means, your greatest schemes
Would never leave your heads.

Who paid for Archimedes’ tools ?
Who built each church and pyramid ?
Who funded Oxford’s ancient schools ?
I’ll tell you who – we did !

The business of business is building your dream,
By priming the pump and by working the seam –
Alone, we’re but tepid – together, we’re steam !
So stoke up the pressure
And speed up the thresher
To reap our returns in the Future’s regime.

To fund savants and engineers,
Don’t trust in dons or lords –
It’s we who lift your valves and gears
From off your drawing boards.

Who built up Caxton, Bacon, Hooke ?
The musket and the blunderbuss ?
Who floated Cabot, Drake and Cook ?
I’ll tell you who – it’s us !

And if we should falter or labour in vain,
We’ll swallow our losses and start out again –
We’ve plenty of patience to wait out the rain.
So get the cogs turning
And set the coals burning
To forge the brave Future and ride the big train.

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