Transatlantic Cable 6 – The Engineer

Cartographer by Donato Giancola

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Transatlantic Cable 6 – The Engineer

Bigger, faster, higher, stronger,
Pressures greater, pistons longer,
Pumping, thrusting, pulsing, striving,
Flywheels spinning, crankshafts driving.
I built for you a braver world,
A place of pulleys, springs and gears
Where fates enmeshed and fortunes swirled
Within the palms of engineers.
You had the road, you had the wheel,
But what you lacked-for was the dream –
You brought me rust, I gave you steel –
You brought me rain, I gave you steam.
For all I did,
There’s so much greater, greater that I could’ve done.
For all I strode,
There’s so much further, further that I could’ve run.
For all I built,
There’s so much higher, higher that I could’ve got.
For all I planned,
I was ready, always ready, but the world was not.

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