We Are Legion

not really my style, but it serve me well here
Coming from the Match by Laurence Lowry

We Are Legion

We’re too many, that’s the trouble,
But what to do ?
Who would wish a war to thin the herd
Down to a few ?
Gone are cities brought to rubble,
Gone the Black Death’s fatal third.
We’re safe in our hygienic bubble –
Breeding, undeterred !

Climate change is next to tackle,
Pollution, too –
But even if we don’t, we’ll still be here,
If black and blue.
As a species, though ramshackle,
We won’t go extinct, don’t fear –
Other creatures take the flack,
But we won’t disappear.

For all our poverty and pillage,
Give us our due –
We’re capable of so much common sense
To pull us through.
We’re running out of land for tillage,
Cities growing far too dense –
Time to shrink down to a village,
Time for abstinence !

It’s time to start doing our bit by not doing our bit…

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