stop sign


All those old signs with dyes on the cheap,
That lose all their red in the face of the sun.
Once they were young and eager to help –
But now they are monochrome, caring for none.

I guess it was the ultraviolet
Wore them down with covert light –
One-by-one, it breaks their bonds,
Until they turn surrender-white.

But the blue signs, they are made diff’rently,
They’re made from more costly pigments and paint.
Why should they care if the sun’s so strong ?,
It bounces away with nary a taint.

For they were cast in ultraviolet,
Feeding on its flame and spite –
And then make sure that the sun is packed
With endless stocks of scorching light.

All those old signs, proud ‘turn left’ signs
Now they just point to the right.

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