Intwinned & Intwined

Twins by Ozma-Wizard

Intwinned & Intwined

My brother is a part of me,
I carry him within
He will forever be my twin.
We joined our forces in the womb,
Became a greater whole,
The soul with whom I share my soul.
Behind these eyes, within this skin,
Above our common tongue –
Our mutual breath is in each lung,
But in our synapses we part,
Although I hear his thoughts –
They burn in me like sparks in quartz.
But those are his, that other voice,
That telepathic call –
I have no choice but hear them all.
For he’s the evil, I’m the nice,
Yet brothers of the blood –
Our heart beats twice, our sinews flood,
And we will fight to shine or sin
As only brothers could…
I mostly win – that’s why I’m good.
But don’t be shocked and don’t blame me
When he must have his fun –
For we are we, and we are one.

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