Salvation United

cute little boy with football ball on sports ground
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Salvation United

Pick a team, son,
Any team you like,
But choose them well –
They’re yours now, tyke,
Your burden, your dream,
Through joy and hell,
Through triumph and strife –
For you must support your team
For the rest of your life.

Don’t ever think
That you can change,
Don’t show disloyalty.
Their ways are strange,
But do not blink –
You must persist,
To treat your lads like royalty.
And even though
They barely know you exist,
You still must follow them
Through goalless draws and penalties missed –
Taste the myths and swallow them.

For they are your brand now,
Your Lord, your quest,
So bare their sponsor
On your chest.
And swear a vow to never don
The colours of a rival squad,
Don’t play away to Babylon,
But trust in the blessed boots of your God.
And don’t be lured to other cults,
By better results or midfield flare –
Do not betray, come Saturday,
For thirty pieces of silverware.

Sing in the stands, you never know,
You just might spur them on,
Or yell at the screen from your sofa,
Till all the communion pies have gone.
Send your hopes and glory beaming
Over the ether,
Praying for goals,
Trust in a messianic coach to pull the levers, switch the roles.
Never stop dreaming, be a believer,
And wish upon a nimble weaver,
A star right-back, a sainted attack,
A keeper who saves our souls.

Pick a team, son,
Any team you like –
But just the one.
For now you’re theirs,
And all your cares,
Your misery and fun
Are bound up in their fortunes,
Highs and lows,
As the seasons run,
From half-time mid-life woes,
Until the final whistle blows
And your game is done.

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