Five Loaves & Two Red Fishes

those fish do not look cooked

Five Loaves & Two Red Fishes

Reverend, Reverend, writer of the tales:
Murder, guilt and passionlust, herringful and slick.
Popular and idolised, blessèd are your sales,
Though the critics pan you off as “slight” and “formulaic”.

Reverend, Reverend, writes another tale:
Murder, guilt and passionlust, once more with a twist –
The victim here is Jesus Christ, crucified, impaled.
Yet we know the killer has to be the one who kissed.

That’s okay, the Reverend is not asking whodunnit,
He tells it straight and poignant; for kudos, not for wealth.
Yet at the Ascension, so a final twist is sprung:
It turns out in Heaven waits old Lucifer himself.

“Just how can a Christian priest write of such a blasphemy ?”
Ask his readers and his bishop, still not comprehending.
“All because I do believe the Lord will yet forgive me,
(And I’d surely sell my soul for fiendish-good twist ending.)”

I feel the joke in this one is rather laboured, as are some of the rhymes.  Incidentally, the Bible contains one of the first locked-room mysteries in literature in the Book of Daniel (or at least in the versions that allow house-room for the apocryphal additions such as Bel & The Dragon).  And if you’re interested, the most common fish in the Sea of Galilee was the tilapia.

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