Twins I Have Known

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Twins I Have Known

My first twins, way back in infants,
Were Maisie & Daisy.
Or was it Daisy & Rose…?
Either way, their parents were lazy,
Whichever version they chose.

In second’ry school, I met the Sterlings,
Didi & Tom,
(Always spoken that way round).
With an Scottish Pa and American Mom,
And nicknamed two-for-a-pound.

At college, studying quantum symmetry,
Were Alfie & Ollie,
As like as you get.
Sharing a coffee, sharing a brolly,
Sharing a karaoke duet.

At work, on the reception desk
Sat Carrie and Claire –
Each geminus trying to be unique
With diff’rent clothes and diff’rent hair,
But dead the same in how they speak.

The last set of twins, to date, are my own –
Baby 1 and Baby 2.
So what should I call them, my clone-i-kins ?
A running theme ?  No, that won’t do,
Then they’d forever be but half-a-twins.

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