Twins I Have Known

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Twins I Have Known

My first twins, way back in infants,
Were Maisie & Daisy.
Or was it Daisy & Rose…?
Either way, their parents were lazy,
Whichever version they chose.

In second’ry school, I met the Sterlings,
Jenny & Tom,
(Always spoken that way round).
With an Scottish Pa and American Mom,
And nicknamed two-for-a-pound.

At college, reading quantum symmetry,
Alfie & Ollie,
As snap as you get.
Sharing a coffee, sharing a brolly,
Sharing a karaoke duet.

On the reception desk at work
Sat Carrie and Claire –
Each geminus trying to be unique
With diff’rent clothes and diff’rent hair,
But dead the same in how they speak.

Now on the local council,
Were bipartisans Rhys and Ariadne –
Two-faced politicians !
Their name, it always seemed to me,
Belonged to competing naming traditions.

And down the club, in mirror shades,
There’s Barry, on his own.
I’ve met his brother (forget his name),
Alike to the very bone.
He somehow felt like surplus, all the same.

The last set of twins, to date, are my own –
Baby 1 and Baby 2.
So what should I call them, my clone-i-kins ?
A running theme ?  No, that won’t do,
Then they’d forever be but half-a-twins.

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