RAS Syndrome

Three women from Winterthur by David Sulzer – nothing to do with the poem, but I like the fact that they look like triplets

RAS Syndrome

So what if it’s redundant
To repeat the words we say
In a PDF format
Or an LCD display ?
That’s just what you get
When you over-shorten-down
So your acronym comprises of
Both adjective and noun.

So what if they’re redundant
In their final acronemes ?
We’ll always have PIN numbers
For our ATM machines.
Cos that’s just human nature,
So triumphant to a T –
But if you wish to argue it,
Then please RSVP.

RAS Syndrome stands for ‘Redundant Acroneme Syndrome Syndrome’.  An acroneme is a single letter within an acronym.  I just made the latter up, and I’m really pleased with it.  According to Wiktionary it also means “the slender section of a flagellum”, but it doesn’t give any citation, so I win – QED demonstated !

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