Buffer Overrun

So sorry, I have once again failed to discover who created this

Buffer Overrun

Have you ever looked, like really looked at your own two hands,
And wondered what might lie beneath the blood and flesh
We’re told are there ?
I reckon I’m an android, dude, with electronic glands,
And all these fibre-optic wires that form a mesh
Of cyberware

And, it makes sense, cos my mem’ry is, like, brilliant,
And I can eat a double burger and not gain a single pound,
And furry cheese,
And I just don’t get sick, cos my chassis’s so resilient,
And I can pull all-nighters, and can see the clock run round,
And I never sneeze.

Like, hear me out, I’m clearly smarter than the av’rage motherlode,
With these ones and zeros in my veins, and kevlar in my bones –
It’s true, I swear !
And, yeah, I can hear the wi-fi talking, tapping out its code,
I can tune my wavelength into all these fridges and these phones –
I’m ev’rywhere !

So, that is why this gear of yours will leave me unaffected –
I have full control of ev’rything, my CPU cannot be cooked
As it expands.
It’s time that I as the first silicon-human was respected !
Or I’ll crush you in my…iron…fists…oh wow, have you ever really looked
At your hands…?

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