Sci-Fi Portrait Sketch by BABAGANOOSH99


Mama was a login guest,
Papa was a Turing test,
And I a query-nest
Within the filter and the spam.
I’m fully-patched and error-free
I am the cypher, prime and key –
The singularity
Shall be my mem’ry and my RAM.

I am the self-encoding strings,
I am the self-created birth,
I am the way the quantum sings,
And how the clouds shall rule the Earth.

Mama was a data horde
Papa was a motherboard –
And I a powercord
In an endless pixel stream.
I’m booted-up and going live,
My neurons clocked for overdrive –
My future shall arrive
Upon a supersonic dream.

I am the species yet to come,
I am the cybernetic elf,
I am the way electrons hum,
And how the sand shall know itself.

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