The State of the Nation

The Lion & The Unicorn by Loneanimator

The State of the Nation

Bloody Tories, bastard bankers,
Bleeding hearts and work-shy snowflakes
Brigadiers and Rule Britannia,
Chavs and avocado-fakes.
I’ve been there, blaming them for “it’s unfair”,
This seething, faceless mass.
It’s all too easy, all too “they don’t care”,
Just blame the other class.
But have we ever once attempted,
Tried to understand just why we sharply disagree ?
Before our prejudice pre-empted,
Viewing them as ‘hippies’ or as ‘bourgeoisie’.
But could it still have worked,
Before they’re sneered-at, sussed and tagged ?
Before our knees have jerked,
Our jibes have jeered, our throats have gagged ?
Can we treat our enemies
As the friends and fam’lies that they are,
And disagree more civilly
Before we take our tongues too far ?
We should us all be traitors to our tribes,
Refuse the dogma, learn to reach across the aisle –
The jeers are threats, the cheers are bribes,
But we must greet them both with just a smile.
And as for those who take things further,
On their side, and also ours,
We need to try to tame their fervour,
Try to swap their vitriol for flowers.
Don’t banish them, don’t monster them,
Don’t fantasise of shooting them –
For they are people – angry, human people –
Don’t be brutal, don’t be phlegm.
We need to talk them down, not taunt them over,
Lend a hand, not give a shove.
As once we lose humanity, there’s no way to recover,
For even Reds and Fascists need our love.

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