Old Acquaintances

Photo by Dennis Ariel on Pexels.com

Old Acquaintances

We never say goodbye
Because we never know we’re standing at the change –
For all that time must fly,
That’s always in the future, out of range.

We only see the end
In retrospect, once it has been and gone –
A few words with a friend
That don’t mean much, except they don’t go on.

We say we’ll see them soon,
Though in truth it’s less a promise, more a hope.
Before we know, it’s June,
And we notice they’re no longer in our scope.

Not ev’ry friend is ‘best’,
But the casual ones are needed just the same
Twice a year or less
We meet, but still we’re always glad they came.

Tomorrow never comes,
Until it does, and then a thousand slip on by.
Don’t fret about the sums –
The world moves on, that’s just the way things lie.

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