Christmas Crackered

Christmas Crackered

A joke designed to make us wince,
A tissue-paper hat that never fits –
We’re all been brainwashed by them since,
As wide-eyed kids, they awed us with their glitz.
And don’t forget the plastic trinket,
Maybe toyed with briefly, then ignored –
But that’s the point, don’t overthink it,
Quick nostalgia hit, and then we’re bored.
A card tricks that has lost its label,
Spinning tops who never get to spin,
They sit forlornly on the table
Till they’re swept up, heading for the bin
Let’s carbon-tax them all to hell –
And call me Scrooge and Humbug all you wish,
Or if you want to snub me, well,
I guess just go play with your curly fish.
Say what ?  I ought to get a grip ?
Alright !, I’ll help you pull one, dry your eyes.
What’s this ?  A giant paper clip ?
Oh wow, I sit corrected – what a prize !

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